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A fully integrated developer and manufacturer of polyclonal therapeutics, targeting infectious disease and acute toxic events

Product Pipeline


MicroPharm is developing an orally administered immunotherapeutic product containing ovine polyclonal antibodies directed against recombinant fragments of Toxin A and Toxin B for the treatment of mild to moderate severity primary and recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (“CDI”). A clinical trial is planned to take place in 2018.


ViperaVet has been developed for the treatment of dogs envenomed by one of the four medically important species of Vipera (adder) found throughout Western Europe.  An initial clinical trial took place in the UK in 2013 and a further trial will take place in 2018.


ColchiBIND is a sterile liquid immunotherapeutic product for intravenous administration.  It is employed exclusively for the treatment of colchicine toxicity.  Pre-clinical studies have been completed and a clinical trial is expected to commence in 2019.


PolyCAb has been developed for treatment of severe CDI.  It uses ovine antibodies to bind to and neutralise the toxins the bacteria produce and has the potential to reduce recurrence and mortality rates amongst patients suffering from acute infections.


In 2014 MicroPharm entered into a collaboration with Public Health England and the University of Oxford for the fast-track development of a treatment for Ebola Virus Disease.  This development programme is ongoing.