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A fully integrated developer and manufacturer of ovine polyclonal therapeutics, targeting infectious disease and acute toxic events

Current Products

MicroPharm currently manufactures two antivenoms and is developing several new immunotherapeutic products for human and veterinary use.


Affinity Purified, European Viper Antivenom (Ovine Fab for Injection)


European common adder (Vipera berus) envenomation


Although not an approved or marketed drug, ViperaTAb® is available in Europe on a named patient basis. ViperaTAb®, a Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine), comprises specific antibody fragments that bind and neutralise Vipera berus venom components, including proteases, lipases and cardiotoxins, facilitating their redistribution away from target tissues and subsequent elimination from the body.

ViperaTAb® is an antidote for the treatment of snakebites from the European common adder (Vipera berus). This product is currently available on a named patient basis in Europe under a distribution agreement with Flynn Pharma Limited.  For all product enquiries please contact Flynn Pharma.  For telephone enquiries, please see the following link; for written enquiries please see the following link



An antivenom for the treatment of envenomation by Echis ocellatus (carpet viper).

This product was developed in collaboration with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health.